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Holiday to use before April? Get your boots on and kick-start your walking season!

Join us for a guided walking break around Langdale, Rydal and Grasmere, March 21-24th.

  • Superb, guided walking in the very heart of The Lake District so that you won’t miss the best bits!

  • Join a small group (8 max) and make new walking pals

  • Single, en-suite hotel comforts so you can have your own space at the end of the day

  • All meals provided, celebrating fresh, healthy, local produce

Early spring in The lakes is a very special time: daffs and rhododendrons in bloom, a fresh carpet of green shoots, and the birds singing bright and early. 

The equinox brings surprises that can include long days of unexpected sunshine or final flurries of snow as the tail end of winter disappears over the horizon. There is a revitalising, natural freshness that leaves you charged with energy for the year ahead, and at the same time, after a day’s walk, glad of a warm fireside while the evenings are still chilly.

We’ll spend 4 days walking some classic routes around the South Lakes March 21 - 24th and would love you to join us.  Full details of our itinerary and how to book are HERE.


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