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Towards Carbon Zero - Caring for the Earth as we travel

Helping address the climate emergency

  • We plant a tree for every booking

  • We use venues with a strong earth-friendly philosophy

  • We make cleaner travel possible

We love the mountains!  We love the landscapes we share, and we want to be part of caring for them while helping others to enjoy what they have to offer. Our aim is to provide walking holidays that use low carbon, renewable resources wherever possible.


For every holiday booked with Skyline we plant a tree close to the Lake District where its influence can grow, year on year.  As it grows, it contributes to carbon sequestration, gives a home to wildlife, and reduces greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Our tree-planting programme is very close to our hearts.  We want it to be a lasting contribution to climate control - one whose influence grows and grows.  A sapling planted now will sequester 25 kg of CO2 in its first year, but over its lifetime the total amount of carbon taken from the atmosphere by one tree can be as much as 1 tonne!  

As an example, Rydal Hall, our venue in the South Lakes, is committed to delivering sustainable hospitality:

  • An on-site hydro scheme generates 500kw of power (photo).

  • Travel to the Hall is possible by train to Windermere, leaving just a short bus or taxi ride from there.

  • The Hall uses Fairtrade ingredients and environmentally friendly cleaning materials, and sources goods locally if at all possible.

  • The beautiful Hall grounds are carefully maintained using eco-forest practices.

  • Efficient systems that help to Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle all food and disposables.

RH turbine.jfif

Photo - Harry Johnson

We are committed to helping achieve the Lake District National Park’s vision for sustainable tourism.

The National Park have published their Low-Carbon Lake District plan in which a number of developments are identified to make the area a flagship enterprise in environmental care.

One of its target outcomes is that we will see…

‘A spectacular landscape, its wildlife and cultural heritage – A landscape which provides an irreplaceable source of inspiration, whose benefits to people and wildlife are valued and improved. A landscape whose natural and cultural resources are assets to be managed and used wisely for future generations.’

Travel to and from your UK walking holiday.

Fortunately, there are good, eco-friendly travel links to the Lake District, Peak District, Devon, Cornwall, and Scotland via the motorway and rail networks. We know that in many cases, using a car is the only practical option, but if you do find that you have a choice, please consider all options.  For example, if you are travelling alone, a journey by rail can result in just 25% of the emissions generated by a journey by petrol or diesel car.  During your walking holiday in the UK we will endeavour to be centrally-based and so minimise the need for powered transport once there.

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