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Photos from last week – Hadrian’s Wall

Join us next time??  We still have a few places on the July and August trips to walk Hadrian’s Wall.  For a full itinerary and details of how to book please visit our webpage here.

A huge  THANKS AND WELL DONE!!  to those who came along last week to walk this classic central section of the famous trail.   The weather could have been kinder, but spirits were never dampened, and we were given useful weather-related insights into what life must have been like almost 2000 years ago for soldiers stationed in this wild and dramatic place at the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire.

These days, however, there tends to be a heritage centre, complete with café and loos, every 3-4 miles or so.  A quick visit to the Roman Army Museum (it WAS raining, after all!) near Walltown, really brought to life the Roman ancient goings-on at the forts, milestones and turrets along our way.

Jaw-dropping feats of engineering are well-preserved, and well-explained by regular info plaques.  And on our final ‘wall day’ we finished at the 13th century Lanercost Priory, once the seat of government, when Edward 1st stopped by to rest and recuperate for a few months.

Our other walks were along the South Tyne Trail, a little-known but superb route through the Tyne valley, where the leggy Lambley Viaduct provides a fitting climax.

All in all, and despite the odd shower, this was a brilliant week of memorable walking, lovely company, and cosy hotel comforts.  With special thanks to David, Grethe and their team who hosted us once more at this superb hotel.

For a full itinerary and details of how to book for our July or August trip please visit our webpage here.


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