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What should I bring?
what bring?

Once you have booked with us we will send you a full list of what you should bring, but rest assured that we do not expect you to own highly technical gear!  In terms of 'the essentials', for walking you will need...

  • A pair of strong walking boots that you know are a comfortable fit

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers

  • A rucksack approximately 15-30 litres in size.

Will my accommodation be ensuite?
accom ensuite?

Yes, all rooms will be ensuite and single occupancy so that you have the perfect relaxing space to enjoy after your active day.

How do I get there?
how get there?

On each website page that describes a walking holiday, the hotel location and post code is given.  These details are repeated in the joining information that we will send to you once you have booked to join a particular holiday. 

What meals are provided?
what meals?

Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner are provided during your stay.  Just let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements and we will ensure that you have the food choices you need.

Why choose Skyline?
why us?
  • We are passionate about sharing our love of special outdoor places.  It gives us great pleasure to introduce others to our favourite locations.

  • We really care about looking after you during your stay, and want you to be absolutely delighted by your holiday - after all we want you come back to us!

  • Central to our work is a strong environmental policy - we want to protect the special places we enjoy so much.

How tough will the walking be?
how tough?

We have five grades of challenge, or levels of challenge - these range from Easy to Challenging.  Full details of what these mean can be found in the section on 'Health and Fitness Levels' on our Book With Confidence page.  However, please note that whatever the grade, our aim will be to make sure that everyone is comfortable, that we have time to stop and really appreciate the views, and that we take refreshments regularly

How large a group will there be?
how big group?

Our groups tend to be small, so that everyone feels included and everyone's needs are met if at all possible.  Expect to be in a group of around 6 to 8 people plus your holiday walk leader.

What about insurance?

As you would expect, we are covered by the required Public Liability Insurance, but we do advise you to take out your own holiday insurance to cover, for example, personal belongings, late cancellation by you, or personal accident.  Many providers offer this, and you may find that you have cover via your home insurance policy.  If not, we recommend taking a look at The Post Office policies which are reasonably priced and offer some great options.

How do I pay?
how pay?

Once we have responded to your booking enquiry, we will request a booking deposit.  To make payments for your holiday please use the button below.

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