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Best places in the lake district

Number 4 of 5: Skelwith Force.

A thundering, squat waterfall with easy access, Skelwith Force is the perfect place to soak up some real Lake District atmosphere without having to hike into the hills. Here you can get close to the action. Standing on the rocks that confine this powerful torrent you can almost feel the ground shake with the power of the water hitting the plunge pool before it heads away down river in a boiling, turbulent flow. Even from the safety of the path you can feel the spray in the air all around and smell that strange earthy aroma that carries the negative ions that are so good for you.

Of course, that’s how things are after rain! In a dry spell, Skelwith Force is no thundering torrent but a picturesque centrepiece in a giant natural rockery. Either way, it is a really special place to visit. Go there with us on our Lakes and Waterfalls walking holiday. More info at


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