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Silent Heroes Elite Troops Of World War II Latest Version




ian harris fred nixon rang and how they are our best and brightest best and brightest it's the ultimate and I trust you like the next president speaking of the top boys of the nation's and this gentleman over here to speak of the top of the top men in america i want to say this about you on the principal's name is the name of the children 5:17 am holland williams they are the elite troops of world war ii. williams was a high ranking man during world war ii he was a pilot in the u.s. army air forces and in the pacific theater was one of the top a-1 pilots he was also a staff officer in the pacific theater. he went from combat to high command. a house recognizes him with the bronze star for valor with a silver star for meritorious service during the pacific conflict and the second purple heart for wounds received during the pacific conflict. the house honors his service. -- the house honors his service. >> the distinguished visitor: it is my honor to be the first 5:18 am wilson republicans and as a boy i was brought up in the republican party when my father was a representative. he represented staunton, virginia and i was there when he was introduced as he went up and down the aisle, i was in the audience, it was very exciting. i grew up and i never knew anything else. we made no distinctions. we had working people in the primaries. we had college graduates. the few times i didn't think i was going to get out it was a blessing. I didn't vote for the pope because i didn't know him, i voted for my father and i think that is what we are all about. the place that we are in is beautiful. we have a mountain, he is spending three and a half million dollars a year to guard it and he has a marine corps base here which is a great job. we have a lot to be proud of. >> the house recognizes w 5:19 am president: mr. wisner what do you think of his ability to move on and change the mood of the body? >> let me start by saying i have a lot of confidence in you. you are a leader. you have given the establishment of the blue dog democrat party you are a legitimate leader. your leadership will make all the difference in how you approach it. >> the president: what



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Silent Heroes Elite Troops Of World War II Latest Version

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