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What is the best time of year for a walking holiday in the Lake District?

March and April... A shimmering purple haze of bluebells carpets every wood and spring lambs gambol in the fields. A great time to recharge your batteries with a boost of warmth, space and fresh air after winter has departed.

May and June... Long days and (often!) clear skies make this a very special time of warm, dry fell walks. The hill paths tend to be reasonably quiet at this time, before the main season for summer visitors. This is a great time to make the most of your evenings, too, with a post-dinner stroll or dip in the lake.

July and August... The trees are in full summer leaf, the grass a deep, cool green, and the colours of sky and water at their most intense. It is a popular time, and so there is a sense of holiday and celebration. Admittedly it can rain in summer, too! But this just adds to the drama of the many impressive waterfalls.

September... A time of stunning, clear days of encroaching autumn gold, and snug evenings by an open fire after a satisfying day’s walking. At this time, the elements often settle into a calm period of perfect hill walking weather.

October and November... Autumn 2021 was an unforgettable one, thanks to a dazzling, almost surreal display of autumn colours that made every hike a special pleasure. Fingers crossed that next Autumn will be just as breath-taking.

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