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Walking in the Lake District - 3 ways to avoid the crowds.

1. ARRIVE TO A FULL ENGLISH. Of course, taking the train is the best way to avoid a traffic jam. But if you do drive, it’s worth knowing that despite the increasing flexibility in work routines, most people still travel in and out of Cumbria on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. However, at a weekend the roads are much quieter before 10 a.m. Why not get up early, book ahead to have a hotel breakfast and arrive to a leisurely full-English gazing out at the hills, knowing that the driving is done?

2. GET YOUR BOOTS ON! One of the amazing things about the Lake District is the close proximity of one valley to the next and the wonderful maze of paths and trails that link them. Just a short walk can get you away from the crowded towns and into the wide-open spaces. Dump the car! Get your boots on and start exploring…

3. GO GUIDED. Take advantage of local knowledge - join a group led by a guide who knows the area inside-out, who will take you to the lesser-known beauty spots and to the stunning locations that are tucked away and off the beaten track. Go guided with Skyline at


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