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The BMC leads the way with its Respect the Wild initiative

As the Lake District prepares for the return of visitors from across the UK, the BMC offered some great advice this week on how to keep beautiful places beautiful. Their publication guides the public on how to care for the environment (extract below).

Further information on the Skyline environmental care plan is at

Leave no trace when you wild camp

A wild camp in the mountains, miles from anywhere, is one of the great wilderness experiences. Yet this remoteness means that your impact – or lack of it – is the most important thing. When you pack up in the morning, let the memory of your night be the only trace of your presence.

Be inconspicuous. Choose your location wisely: only use remote locations, well above the highest wall line and out of sight of civilisation. Stay for one night only. Pitch camp late and leave early, and don’t leave tents up during the day.

Don’t use camp fires or BBQs. They are highly destructive in sensitive mountain landscapes. Use a camping stove instead. During high fire risk periods, don’t use any open flame.

Need the toilet? Removing all human waste using a packable toilet kit is the best solution. Away from popular spots, as a last resort, bury solid waste 15cm deep, replacing the earth afterwards. Pack out your toilet paper and sanitary products in a zip-lock bag. Wash up and toilet a minimum of 50m from any water sources.

Choose durable ground. Pitch your tent on well drained ground that won’t be easily damaged or leave traces of your visit.

Leave no trace. If you take it in, take it out. Try to remove any litter you find too. Pack out all food waste - it takes much longer than you think to decompose. Replace any rocks you’ve moved.

Use lights on their lowest setting around camp. Light and noise is very noticeable at night and can disturb wildlife and people.

Keep group sizes small. Large groups can have a huge impact.

Use campsites in the valleys. If you want to camp in the valley floor, always use a formal campsite with facilities to minimise your impact and help the local economy.

For full details see the BMC 'Respect the Wild'.


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