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Our Top 5 Hiking Highlights of 2021

After lengthy debate we have finalised our list of favourite Skyline hiking highlights from last year:

AT NUMBER 5… The Lakes and waterfalls were looking amazing. Every cloud has a silver lining, and the clouds that bring rain also top up our beautiful lakes and dramatic, crashing waterfalls. Our photos are from the early summer Lakes and Waterfalls walking break when the damp weather could not dampen our spirits for a moment.

AT NUMBER 4… (Eventually) A record-breaking summer for outdoor paddling/ swimming. We always try to make sure that lunch is taken at some inspiring location, and in 2021 we were spoilt for choice once the summer sun really got going. The lakes were bath-water warm and irresistible to those who like a paddle, or even a dip! Our photo shows the beautiful beach at the end of Grasmere Lake, a regular stop on our Lakes and Waterfalls walking holiday.

AT NUMBER 3… Our ‘Heart of the Lakes’ walking holiday should have been renamed ‘The Heat of the Lakes!’ Beautiful steady high-pressure weather in July allowed those who were up for a serious challenge to walk the highest summits, while others enjoyed looking up at the same summits from the paradisiacal meadows simmering in the valleys below. Our photo shows our lunch stop in Great Langdale.

AT NUMBER 2… The autumn colour spectacular was SPECTACULAR! In 2021, the colours were almost surreal after perfect conditions. The autumn colour walking weekend is a fixed item in our calendar and a great way for summer to sign-off. The dates for our next one are: October 14-16th 2022.

AND AT NUMBER 1…. Breaking out of lockdown! It was such a joy to be out in the fresh air and open spaces, walking though jaw-dropping scenery after so many months of restrictions. It really made us appreciate the simple things in life, the great people we met and great places we have around us. For this reason, enjoying that freedom again has to be our top memory from last year.

Hope to see you in ’22 on one of our walking breaks in The Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, or down on the Devon Coast.


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