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London to the Lakes in 3 easy steps

We hear it time after time – I never knew it was so easy to get to the Lake District! Arriving for a lunchtime start to your walking holiday is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Depart Euston station on the 8.43 am service all the way to Oxenholme (for the Lake District)*.

2. A 19-minute train ride through the beautiful Cumbria landscape gets you to Windermere station at 12.58.

3. From (literally) outside the station take the 599 service at 13.05 to Rydal Hall and arrive in hotel reception around 13.35 pm.

*Depending on the time of day, this service can be even quicker, linking London to Oxenholme in under 2 hours 40 mins! Our arrival day walks are planned to allow journey time from all corners of the UK – see


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