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How to get walking fit for 2022: a 5-point plan

Here are our top 5 simple, non-technical, tips for getting fitter based on the advice of our walk leaders and of our customers in 2021.

1. GET SOMEONE ELSE INVOLVED. If you want to stick to a training regime, try to share it with a friend who has similar targets - it’s far more likely to happen, plus they will benefit, too, and you will both get to share the sense of achievement. If you need to meet people nearby who might want to do this, try joining a local Meetup walking group (see and search for walking groups near you).

2. PLAN FOR SUCCESS. Reaching your goals is motivating so don’t make the goals too tough! Set your goals by looking at what you want to achieve. For example, if you are planning to join a hiking holiday where the average daily distance to be walked is 8 miles, prepare for that over the months before it by setting a monthly increasing target. In the final month before the break, try to make sure you are walking 8 miles at least once a week, and that your weekly total is at least 16 miles. If you already walk those distances, you should be fine!

3. MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS. Fitbits and phone apps abound these days, serving as great motivators, as you can keep a record of your steps or distance walked, and so ensure that you are on track to reach your target. Choose the method that works best for you, but most phones will support this kind of app.

4. INCLUDE THE OCCASIONAL HILL. Especially if you are planning to do some bigger hill walking, make sure your training walks include at least some undulating terrain so that your aerobic capacity is developed. You will be less out of breath on uphill ground as time goes by, and will love reaching hill summits for all the wonderful, exhilarating effects it gives.

5. EXPLORE. It’s great to do the walks we already know – there’s no need to find the route, and it’s easy to monitor progress, but now and then it’s good to break out and visit new places to enjoy exploring as a way of boosting motivation. If you’ve found a walk buddy, do their favourite walks as well as your own.

Good luck with your walking fitness. The arrival of spring will make it even easier as the days grow a little longer and you begin to notice those subtle but wonderful natural changes that tell you good walking weather is on the way!

Skyline guided walking holidays include all options from easy hiking along scenic valleys to challenging days striding out over the hill tops. Our programme starts this year on March 24th with our Lake District Spring break and continues through to November. Please take a look at our range of guided walking holidays here.


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