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Hadrian’s Wall Photos From Last Week

This classic route provided some memorable walks last week: reeking of ancient history and with jaw-dropping 360-degree views, this famous route holds endless interest and surprises. From up there, it is easy to see why the Romans must have been delighted to find this remarkable east-west ridge, with these opposite coast-lines almost in sight.

The central section of the wall between Housteads and Brampton divides nicely into 3 long days, each with a great mix of elevated ridge-top walking, well-preserved remains (forts and turrets galore!) and even more modern points if interest such as Sycamore Gap, where Kevin Costner pondered his options as Robin Hood.

Away from the easily-accessed spots, we found few other walkers, which made the journey all the more special and wild-feeling. But the joy of this walk is that the wilderness is punctuated with the occasional convenient coffee-and-loo stop.

Our half-day walks on days 1 and 5 were spent walking section of the Tyne Valley Trails (see photos) which itself is packed with interest and connects with The Wall at Haltwhistle.

Huge thanks go to our fabulous hosts at the Centre of Britain Hotel who provided such amazing hospitality that we are expanding our programme based there in 2024..

And finally, a massive thanks to those who came along to join us – we hope to see you again very soon.


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