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Can waterfalls make you happy?

There is something about waterfalls that is magic and mesmerising, and somehow always seems to lift the mood. It's a well-known fact that the negative ions generated by the collision of water molecules can help release the 'happy drug' serotonin. Along with that goes the soul-filling experience of sitting next to such power and beauty. It is a little humbling! And on the right day and in the right place (if it's safe to do so!) there is always the possibility of a swim in a bubbling plunge pool to make you feel very close to nature. We link up some of the best Lake District waterfalls in our Lakes and Waterfalls walking holiday:

The joys of waterfall-visting in the Lake District are magnificently described by walk leader Alvina Labsvirs in her blog:

Taylor Gill Force, Borrowdale, Cumbria


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Alvina Labsvirs
Alvina Labsvirs
May 03, 2021

Sitting in them can most definitely make you happy

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