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Best places in the lake district

Number 5 of 5: Langdale

If you follow the road from Ambleside to Langdale, there is a point above Elterwater Common where you might find yourself swerving to avoid some hastily-parked cars. The view at this point is more than eye-catching: it is awe-inspiring, arresting, breath-taking, and irresistible to the opportunist photographer. Before you, the valley sweeps up towards the most impressive of England’s mountains, including Bowfell and Scafell Pike, Crinkle Crags and The Langdale Pikes. These famous peaks form a dramatic skyline which is readily appreciated from this viewpoint. Langdale is a link valley, leading the traveller from the busy town of Ambleside all the way into the heart of the Lake District Fells. Take the bus to get there, or stop in one of the large car parks near Stickle Barn, and spend a perfect day here. Wander along by the waterfalls of Stickle Gill, attempt the challenging climb to the summits, or just stare at the grandeur from pub beer gardens that must surely have the best situation in England – Stickle Barn and the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. Langdale is on our list because it has everything. Join us on our Lakes and Waterfalls Walking holiday and we’ll make sure you see the very best of this amazing valley.


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