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Best places in the lake district

Number 2 of 5: The River Rothay Near Ambleside

On its journey from the hills around Dunmail Raise to the point where it flows into Windermere, the Rothay has a short but charmed life. It runs close to Wordsworth’s grave, bisects the land he used to walk for inspiration, and even nourishes the daffodils he made so famous after his encounter with them while ‘wandering lonely as a cloud’. The river feeds, in turn, Grasmere Lake and Rydal Water, and so runs through the heart of the best scenery in the Lake District.

These stepping-stones over the River Rothay provide us with a convenient short-cut to the ice cream van at Pelter Bridge on our Lakes and Waterfalls programme. (Photography by Alvina Labsvirs). A perfect stopping-off point on a spectacular walk around the best beauty spots in


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