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An End to the Wet Weather?

According to the BBC Monthly outlook, there is reason for hope! Better hiking conditions appear to be on the way for the second half of August (fingers crossed), a much-needed change as right now it’s muddy underfoot and wet weather gear is becoming standard daily kit! Other forecasts vary in their views, but there is good agreement that we can expect something drier and warmer to end the summer months.

Every cloud has a silver lining, of course, and currently the Lakeland waterfalls are at their most impressive, the lakes brimming, and the streams thundering down off the hills, all adding to a ‘wilder’ atmosphere.

Keep On Walking!

There have been many days when I’ve looked out on a rainy scene and been tempted to swap my planned walk for a second coffee, but there have been (almost?) NO days when, having been for a watery walk, I haven’t returned feeling glad I did it.

If you fancy joining us for a late August walking break in The Lakes, please check out our itineraries below and get in touch (email or phone) if you would like to join us.

Short Hikes to Special Special Places (Easy Walking) August 29-31st

Secret Valleys (Easy to Moderate Walking) August 31st – Sept 2nd

Or Combine these two breaks and enjoy a memorable late summer walking holiday of 4 days/ 5 nights: August 29- Sept 2nd.


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