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4 Reasons to walk The Lakes in winter:

1. Keeping in touch with the seasons: Love it or hate it, winter is a vital part of the natural cycle and there is a healthy consequence to letting it get into one’s bones while it’s here. It helps get in tune with the passage of the seasons, things moving on, and the eventual excitement of the first signs of spring.

2. Frosty clear mornings: A sunny Lake District winter’s day is a cherished thing! It always feels like a special bonus and it’s hard to break away from continually photographing the bright, clear landscapes. The morning frost on the fields and a snowy peak or two make the views even more impressive.

3. Thundering waterfalls: If the weather is wet, head to the waterfalls and enjoy the drama of a stream in spate. Plus, a valley-based walk means more shelter from the weather (including in the occasional café!) and if there are still leaves around you can enjoy the colour as a frame for your classic waterfall photo.

4. Wrapping up warm and returning to a fire: There’s no better feeling than returning like a conquering hero from a day of doing battle with the elements to strip off the waterproofs, put the kettle on, and enjoy the warmth of the indoors. Whatever the weather, it always feels good to be out!

All in all, winter is an amazing time in The Lakes - the tracks are quieter, the elements more challenging, and the rewards for your efforts seem at their most valuable.


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